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BEES UNIVERSE - Dates and Pickup Locations
Bee Honey & Other Products, Beeswax Candles, Free Range Eggs

IMPORTANT: At Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market
there are 2 options for the actual spot you pickup your order:

A. Curbside Pickup, outside the market; 5$ fee to be paid at pickup
B. Vendor Booth, inside the market; no pickup fee.

Please choose carefully which purple box you click,
in the column on the right.

Products offered by Bees Universe
Wildflower Honey3.0 Kg$45 
1.0 Kg$16
500 gr$9
335 gr$8
Creamed Wildflower Honey335 gr$10
Blueberry Honey335 gr$10 
Buckwheat Honey335 gr$10
Sunflower Honey335 gr$10
Collagen Honey335 gr$10
Ginger Honey335 gr$10 
Turmeric Honey335 gr$10
Cinnamon Honey335 gr$10
Cocoa Honey335 gr$10
Pollen Honey335 gr$10
Propolis Honey335 gr$15
Honeycomb280 gr$9Wgt may vary
Other Bee Products
Royal Jelly20 gr$15 
Bee Pollen150 gr$10 
Propolis Tincture25 gr$17
Skin Cream70 gr$20 
Skin Cream50 gr$16 
Skin Cream35 gr$12
Beeswax Lipbalmeach$5
Beeswax Food Wrap 20.0x20.0cmeach$6
Beeswax Food Wrap 24.5x24.5cmeach$7
Beeswax Food Wrap 29.5x29.5cmeach$8
Beeswax Candles
Tealightspack of 12$15 
Votivespack of 3$10
Long Taperspack of 2$15
Short Taperspack of 2$10
Beeswax Chunk1 oz$1
Beeswax Chunk1 lb$16
Eggs (Free Range, Chicken)
Medium Sizedozen$6 
Large Sizedozen$7
Extralarge Sizedozen$8
Duck Eggsdozen$10
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BEES UNIVERSE - Dates and Pickup Locations

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