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BEES UNIVERSE - Dates and Pickup Locations
Dedicated Point of Sale for BEESWAX CANDLES

IMPORTANT: At Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market
there are 2 options for the actual spot you pickup your order:

A. Curbside Pickup, outside the market; 5$ fee to be paid at pickup
B. Vendor Booth, inside the market; no pickup fee.

Please choose carefully which purple box you click,
in the column on the right.

Beeswax Candles by Bees Universe (100% Pure Canadian Beeswax)
Holiday Decoration
Winter Combo (12)5 oz$126 Snoflakes + 6 Gift Boxes
Snowflake (6)2.5 oz$66 Snowflakes
Gift Box (6)2.5 oz$66 Gift Boxes
Small Heart2.4 oz$5
Tealight (12)5 oz$1512 Tealights
Tealight (6)2.5 oz$86 Tealights
Long Taper - 25 cm (2)oz$15Burning time 10+ hours
Short Taper - 15 cm (2)oz$10Burning time 10+ hours
Beehives and Votives
Large Beehive (2)2x1.8 oz$8Each Burns for 6+hrs
Small Beehive (2)2x1.2 oz$6Each Burns for 4+hrs
Votives (2)2x1.8 oz$8Each burns for 6+hrs
Votives (4)4x1.8 oz$16Each burns for 6+hrs
Pillars, Hearts and Stars (burn for 4 to 4.5 hours per 1oz)
Large Heart, 2 wicks 15 oz$20Burns for 60+ hrs
Star Flat, 2 wicks 13 oz$18Burns for 50+ hrs
Star Tall, 1 wick 15 oz$20Burns for 60+ hrs
Pillar Hexagone 14 oz$19Burns for 55+ hrs
Pillar Square Prism 7 oz $12Burns for 24+ hrs
Cylinder Narrow Short5 oz $10Burns for 20+ hrs
Cylinder Narrow Tall 9 oz $14Burns for 35+ hrs
Cylinder Wide Short 14 oz$19Burns for 55+ hrs
Cylinder Wide Tall 22 oz$27Burns for 88+ hrs
Pillar Octogone Spiral 18 oz$23Burns for 72+ hrs
Beeswax Chunk 1 lb$16Not a candle
Beeswax Chunk1 oz$1Not a candle
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BEES UNIVERSE - Dates and Pickup Locations

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